Repair guides for feature cell phones manufactured by ZTE. This category is for phones not using an Android or Windows operating system.

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Why can't I open attachments. Won't download.

Why can't I open attachments. Won't download attachments. Shows downloading but never downloads.

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Try turning on your data connection.

Go to :

Home > Settings > Wireless and Networks > more > Mobile Networks > Data Connection, tap to enter, select On.

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Thanks for the suggestion... I have that turned on and also removed simm card and factory reset the phone...Didn't help..


Hi What type of attachments are you downloading? Are they email attachments or MMS (e.g. video links attached to texts?


For me it's a basic picture


Hi @chamil01 ,

You only say 'For me it's a basic picture'

Help us to try and help you. More information will be helpful

What app are you using to get the picture onto the phone, email, Messages (MMS) another app perhaps.

Can you send pictures OK using the same app?

Does your phone internet connection work OK? Can you download web pages OK?

What have you tried to do to make it work properly?

What is the make and model number of the phone?


Does it take a long time before it does ever download because I'll go on Google, look up a picture, push download and it takes like a long time before it shows in my gallery, I don't know what's wrong.


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When pictures are being sent to me it don't download on WiFi on my Zte phone

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I have a ZTE BLADE and I'm having a problem sending pictures and recieving pictures such as bitmoji or even just a normal picture.


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