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Secret Code for Display Test

Hello there,

can anyone help me?? Dis Apple had a secret code like Samsung (*#0*#) ??

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Nope there is no secret code to test the display.

You can use an app to test the screen however.

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Apple iphone secret code please


@ikhlaq there is no secret code!


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Hello: No secret code. However, the link to the APP for a screen test is in the iTunes store. As of August 23rd, 2017 you have Version 4.0.

You can test the pixels, touch, pinch, move, multi-touch on 6s and beyond.

Remember, aftermarket replacement screens DO NOT provide the moisture seals, response, and drop performance so please use Apple Care or a Certified replacement brand such as eVero. Your iPhone is worth it.

Enjoy, have fun.

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Omg apple is such a bullshit -_- cant download the app in czech republic, only in us, after i hit change store it says its not available in kenya even im in cz! Ridiculous

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