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Use for 1/4" to 4 mm Driver Adapter

I received my I Fix It Pro Tech Toolkit today and in the driver set there is the 1/4" to 4 mm Driver Adapter and was wondering what it is used for?

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It's super useful if you're like me and you have a 1/4 inch power screwdriver and you want to use the 4 mm precision bits that come in the kit.

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but its not magnetic so arent the bit going to fall off ?


Both adapters are able to hold the bits in place so they won't fall out. However if you want it to be magnetic, you'll want the older (grey) tech toolkit. The older kit comes with a magnet built into the adapter. The newer (black) pro tech toolkit did away with the magnet and comes with a friction fit adapter.


Just don't use it with a power hammer driver like I did. I ripped my 1/4 to 4mm adapter clean in half.


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