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Sceptre lcd tv model x322BV no sound, no picture, No signal

I have a Sceptre 32inch LCD TV which after being turned on shows the Sceptre logo on the screen and then turns blue stating no signal on the screen. The tv does not have sound or picture. I was wondering if it was the power supply or the mainboard which is causing the problem. The model is X-322BV-HD.

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The power supply must be working as the logo and blue screen and message are appearing. The no signal might be that the TV is not switched to your aerial but rather to one of the other inputs available on your TV e.g. USB, YSBPR HDMI,etc. Just wondering if you get any response when you press the "TV" button on the remote. Try the "Source" button to cycle thru all your inputs. Also check that your aerial lead is plugged in correctly.


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My LCD 50 inch has a blue screen

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@pettybetty07 what exact model is your 50inch Sceptre TV? What have you checked? How long has this been going on? Did it start all of a sudden?


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