The Keurig K75 Platinum Brewing System is a premium single cup home coffee brewing system by Keurig.

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Stop my timer on my keurig

How do I turn off the timer so my keurig will stop coming on automatically?

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There are two separate timer functions on the coffee maker:

Function one is the auto ON/auto OFF feature. This works by setting an ON time by adjusting the hours and minutes and an OFF time the same way. This is done by pressing the MENU button until you scroll to set ON time and set OFF time, respectively. Use the arrow buttons on either side of the MENU button to set the hours and minutes for each. Push the MENU button once to set. When enabled, the coffee maker will show a set ON/OFF time in the main brew control window. To completely disable this function, set both the on and off times to 12:00 a.m. When disabled, there will be no set on/off time display in the main control window. NOTE: the clock must be set for this function to work properly.

The 2nd timer function is the auto OFF feature. This turns off the coffee maker after a certain period of time (in hours) passes and can be set by continually pushing the MENU button until the display shows auto OFF in the menu. Use the left arrow button to scroll to the desired number of hours until the coffee maker turns off. push the MENU button again to set. To disable this function, scroll through the hours until the display shows OFF. Similarly, the main control window will display whether this function is active or disabled.

Hope this helps... :)

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coffee lover, set the brewer to “AUTO OFF” following a specified period of time after the last brew.

a. Press the MENU Button twice to program the Auto Off feature. The LCD Control Center will display the programming options with a small arrow next to “SET AUTO OFF”. From there press through to the menu to set the time as off. Get the owners manual from here Page 11 will show you how to do it.

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Set both auto on and auto off timer features to midnight. The display will then show "off".

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Setting both to midnight worked.thanks.


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I found the only way to return Time Set On and Time Set Off is to unplug the Keurig. This seems to reset the menu display.

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