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Which Temperature on LCD Separators is free of risks?

Hello everybody.

I own a LCD separator machine and I wonder which temperature (in °C) is the best to seperate glass from LCD risk-free?

On some videos I see people using 80°C, in other videos I see 100°C or more.

I often heard that more than 80°C will damage the LCD, but is that true?

I have to ask somebody who is more experienced with using the LCD separator machine: Which LCDs of which phone-models can resist which temperature?

Can you say in general that iPhones resist higher temperatures than Samsung Galaxys or vice versa?

I am asking because the higher the temperature, the easier the separation. Not only separation between LCD and glass but separation between frame and glass (like on most Samsung Galaxys or most Sony Xperias)...

Thanks in advance!

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Why would someone who invested in a separator get their device fixed by someone else?

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80 degrees is standard. More important than temperature is how long you leave the screens sitting on the plate. I wouldn't do more than 8min unless you are splitting the glass at the same time

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Hello i have a question..

which liquid do u use to remove the uv loca glue? is it normal alcohol or is there some special liquid for it?


This is what we use over here. It works well for us.


We use contact cleaner. There are several places where you can find it. We sell it in our online store over or you can email me if you'd like the direct link. It works well for us


oh ty sir.. and i have one more question: i recently purchased a lcd screen seperator machine.. how many degrees do i have to set the heat plate because i have seen it in other websites it should be 80 and few others using 100.. and how many minutes do i need to keep the lcd digitizer on the plate? i dont wanna burn the digitizer on the machine while im seperating the glass from the lcd with a cutting line


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From my point of view you should invest in liquid nitrogen machine. More and more people give up heating separator and choose freezing machine, it is much quicker and much more safe to the display.

How to separate front glass in Samsung Galaxy S5 using freezing machine

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