Released on October 1, 2013 the BLU Studio 5.5 is an unlocked Android smartphone with two model types being the D600 (single SIM) or D610 (dual SIM).

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Locked out of phone

My children changed the lock on my screen, now it has completely locked me out. I understand I need to do a factory reset, but I can't get in the phone to do it. What can I do?

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You can perform a factory reset by using the volume and power keys. First power off the phone then follow the steps:

Press Volume Up + Volume Down + Power Buttons -This gives you two options select Volume Up (Recovery Mode) -Scroll Down with Volume Down to "Wide Date/ Factory Reset" -Select with Menu button on buttom left of screen -Once reset is done select first option "Reboot System Now" to Reboot.

Now you have done a factory reset on the phone.

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Ok, I did the thing with the keys, but there is still no reset option, and now the screen is just flashing the blu insignia


Are you pressing and holding both volume buttons and the power button at the same time? If not then try to hold all three buttons down until it boots to recovery mode, then you can release all three buttons. If still no luck getting to recovery menu with three buttons then maybe try holding down either the volume up or down(not both) and the power button and release the two buttons if it boots into recovery. Let me know if this helps.


Please help forgot pin or password blue studio 5.5 trying factory reset can't get android man to come up please help


@reddyredd50 follow the instructions above.


never even used yet and I have a numeric screenlock how can I factorreset


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The proper way to do it is as follows..

1. Turn phone off.

2. Hold the VOLUME DOWN and POWER buttons simultaneously, you'll feel a vibration almost immediately, keep holding the two buttons for about ten to fifteen seconds until you feel another vibration.

3. Release the buttons and immediately press the VOLUME DOWN button until you see a large exclamation point (!) In the center of the screen and nothing else.

4. Release the button and quickly press the following buttons in this order (do not hold just press and release)..





5. The phone should now reboot itself and when the screen comes on you will see gears. The phone is resetting to factory specs. Be patient, it could take up to a half hour.

VÒILÁ! she is back to factory settings, after gears with progression bar ends, phone should reboot and you are brand spanking new. Good luck! Happy Resetting!!

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It took me two times to get it right but this was the Only way that actually worked on my phone. Thank You!


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