laptop resetting during install

can anyone help my laptop keeps switching itself off and restarting during restore even if i use a stand alone windows not restore i have even tried from usb stick windows 7 BUT if iinstall linux or hackintosh its fine installs ok just i even have replaced the hard drive twice does it on windows any ideas

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Hello richardapayne

Sounds like a driver, a memory problem (not to sure why other OS's work though)

Does it restart at the same spot during the installation? If yes what is the installation doing at this time?

I would try running memtest86 for at lease 5 passes (I leave it run all night.)

When in Lunix run psensor to check your CPU temps. When installing Windows the CPU can max out and if the CPU gets to hot the computer will reset or turn off.

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My aspire 8920g restarting with power is on.

In the mode safe works ok.

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I had the same problem and after a bit of research I found out that disabling the two cpu cores in the device manager in safe mode solves the problem. Here's the link to the source: How to fix a notebook that freezes when plugged to AC power?


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that common in 2008 models. try to update bios.

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