Model A1181: 1.83, 2, 2.1, 2.13, 2.16, 2.2, or 2.4 GHz Core 2 Duo processor

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Can I clear the serial number?

is there a way to clear the serial number from my machine or change it to a different one???

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I'm not touching this till you tell me why.


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I don't think the serial number is part of the CPU itself, but rather part of the logic board, and like MacHead mentions, a logic board swap is effectively the only way to change the serial number.

New logic boards often come with no assigned serial number, and there is a technical procedure required to put a serial number on the board (typically you would put onto it the serial number of the board you are replacing). For good reason, this procedure is generally only known or available to the manufacturer, and not something we as mere mortals have easy access to.

I don't know if you've run across this, but occasionally I've found a laptop that has no serial number, or a serial number typed out in lower-case (typically they are upper-case). This is a giveaway sign of a replacement board, and indicates that the tech was too lazy (or not knowledgeable enough) to put the old board's serial onto the new board, or that they put the number on, but typed it in lower-case. When I was responsible for server environments, Dell techs would always forget to put the serial number back during a motherboard swap, and I would always be annoyed and ask them to come back.

On many PCs and servers, the serial number can be changed in the BIOS, and although I'm not sure, I suspect on Macs it's done in Open Firmware or something similar.

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Great answer


+ nice, I've also seen some units with the same serial number on the logic board, keyboard and case.


+ Ralph


thanks! that sucks only of price but owell


I used to work in an authorized apple service department. And yes there is a bootable(firmware and I'm sure there's an efi one as well) disc that allows you to change the serial number. In either case at the time (Power PC Days) only the apple service depots were allowed to have these discs. But us none apple owned service departments could not get them. Until one day after receiving a machine from apple service one was left in the optical drive of an ibook g4. This was during the ibook logic board replacement days where us lowly none apple owned departments had send in those machines to apple to have the logic replaced. As if we weren't able to change them ourselves. Needless to say, the first thing i did with the disc was image it then change my serial number to my screen name for aol and some numbers at the end. I think i might still have the disc, actually.


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The sn# is not "user" changeable

I don't think there a way to change it short of a complete logic board swap.

Good Luck,


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YES you can change the number.

1. By reading, modifying and re flashing the EFI firmware.

2. Buy a pre-programed EFI / BIOS (SPI ROM) EEPROM chip for your Mac model (eBay is good) and then replace the chip. These come in 3 different packages depending on what board you have. Once you have replaced the chip you can boot into bank board serializer ans add new serial.

3. Download a copy of BBS (blank board serializer) and make a botable USB stick. Now, many people say that your need to have a gsx account or you can not change the SN if there is already one there but this is pure stuff and nonsense. Fact is, you can use BBS to change the SN as much as you like and anyone with internet access can download it.

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