The Ninja NJ600 Professional Blender is the ultimate high powered electric kitchen appliance. The blender is perfect for crushing ice, blending ingredients, and preparing food.

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Why will my NJ600 not turn on?

I have the blender plugged in, and have made sure that there is no break in the power cord. The power light will not turn on, and the blender does not run when I try any of the buttons.

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The first thing I would try to do is press the red reset button on the outlet that the blender is plugged in to. If there is no red button for this outlet, look for other outlets near the outlet that your blender is plugged in to. Often times this reset button will restore the circuitry in your home and will allow you to blend again. Take a look at this page if you can't seem to get it working: Ninja Professional NJ600 Troubleshooting

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I would take out the screws and open up the blender to get a good look at the internal components.. There will be a circuit board behind the button display where you can check for anything that looks wrong. Check out the following link if you're still having trouble: Ninja Professional NJ600 Troubleshooting

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Always check the top make sure that the arrows line up before you lock your top down, if the top is not properly aligned the blender will not turn on, when you hit the power button you will see a flashing light because your blender top is not properly locked. hope this helps.

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Perfect answer, thank you.


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