The Samsung WB150F is a 14 megapixel camera with 18x optical zoom and Wi-Fi connectivity.

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Why won't my camera connect to my computer?

When I plug the USB cable into my camera and then into my computer, the computer is not recognizing that the camera is connected.

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I have sent my NX300 back to Samsung 3 times Inc to Korea, all under warrenty no charges for postage, and they get it to work but not on my computer!

It continues to do what some others are describing. see chrismoss + gagajus.

Samsung have a problem with this setup and you should complain to them, ask for money back or replacement.


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The internal connectors on your micro USB wire may be broken, the easiest solution would be to use a new wire. Most cell phone charger wires are compatible.

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Mine wouldn't connect to the PC via USB. Windows 7 said it had finished installing the drivers. Then the camera would try to connect, opening a dialog, and then immediately closing it, bouncing like a ping pong ball. Tried all the usual. Restarted PC, looked for drivers on Samsung website, nothing. Tried my usb on a different camera, cord worked on that one so I knew the cord was fine.

Check the menu settings in the camera itself. You may have to disable wireless sharing, or whatever that's called on yours. Once I disabled that in the camera, mine connected to the PC without fuss. Samsung WB35F camera. Windows 7 Pro 64-bit.

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hello pls i need help for my Samsung wb30f camera ... i have upgraded firmware zip from download page and i dont have used I launcher for this purpose ..i extracted zip file from computer to micro sd card from my camera and put back to camera ..when i wake up the camera ....automaticaly firmware start to install .. after a few minutes shuts down and that s all .. my camera is dead ..cannot boot nothing laptop doesnt see anymore my camera ..but camera led indicator shows when is on charge red or yellow when is started nothing else works ....pls help ...what should i do to fix this is my mail pls send me answer to regards

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