The HP Officejet 6500 is a color All-In-One printer.

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How to replace the paper feed rollers

I have watched the video on cleaning the roller pick up and these tips did not work. As per the instructions I need to replace the rollers. I have searched the net to find the parts. Can someone help?

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I can only suggest searching Ebay and other online sights for used machines or parts. I have this printer and HP has discontinued support long ago!

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The problem is a small plastic gear that has slipped off a small steel shaft that runs the paper rollers that pulls the paper into the printer.

Easy to repair!

In order to see the gear, place a small mirror on the shelf that holds printing paper and view the top of the gearing mechanism. If the first gear on top closest to the front has slipped off the steel shaft, you have found the culprit! Simply put a small drop of epoxy of the groves that supports the gear in place and let dry....I just did and it corrected the issue.

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dont forget to slide the gear back into place after putting the drop of epoxy on the shaft


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Estimado , con una limpieza basta . Verifica el sistema de engranajes de alimentacion de papel.

not picking up paper

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