The third iteration of the 10.1 inch Galaxy Tab tablet.

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Why is my screen discoloured?

I went out for a bit came back and went to go see my tablet to realize the screen is discoloured like a fuzzy pink color and it looks like the screen is spazing but it's not please help I can't watch or do anything because my screen blurs out most of everything with pink I'm guessING it was because to much pressure put on it but I dont know please help!!!!

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How did you end up fixing it? I just woke up and mine is doing the same thing


The same way unscrew the back part


mine ended up turning black and i dont know what i should do


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Theres only one solution n its to take off the back cover n theres 3 cables going over the battery disconnect the far right one with the green strip of tape an reconnect an start ur tablet n it should be good....

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After searching the internet for weeks for a solution to this problem following your instructions worked.

I love you!

Months without a tablet have come to an end!!!



Simple fix and it worked!



Just tried the fix....worked like a charm!! back up and running! no pink stink


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