Released September 2013, identified with model number T100T. 2-in-1 portable with Quad core Intel® Atom™ processor and 2GB of RAM.

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Changing micro usb charging port or whole PCB?

Following my previous question, i come with a more technical one.

As my micro usb seems to be broken (charge only when cable is oriented on a specific angle) i would like to resolve this problem.


1) Do you think it would be cheaper to change the usb charging port ? It is e a 5pins if i'm correct but i cannont find a website who sell the same connector. Any help ?

2) Or would it be better to save the trouble and change the whole PCB? Again, i cannot find any seller which provide such PCB for a ASUS T100TA-DK002H, therefore i should need your help with this.

I really do thank u in advance,


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Hi Jeremy,

I order to replace the PCB for the Micro USB charge port you would have to replace the entire motherboard since the Micro USB and HDMI ports are directly connected to it. If you disassemble the T100 down to the motherboard though, you can look at the Micro USB port and determine if one of the 5 pins has broken the solder contact. This is the most common reason for this port to only work if you hold the cable in a particular position. If this is the case, it would be best to be extremely careful not to bridge the contacts and simply resolder the broken contact down. You could replace the port if you would prefer, but that would require you to desolder the 5 contacts to remove the old one, and then solder on the new one. If you plan to go that route, you can search on eBay for any Micro USB port that is meant to be mounted flat on the PCB. This is what you would need - eBay: Micro USB Charging Port Connector. If you wish to replace the entire motherboard it can range between $50-$100 USD, depending on the CPU and storage, and it should come with the eMMC Storage drive, Memory, and CPU already soldered to the board (these components are not supposed to be removed), and this is a link to a 32GB version - eBay: 32GB ASUS T100 Motherboard. Let me know if I can be of any more help.

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Two things if you may. Is there any way to:

1. unsoder the very low RAM and replace and/or add more to these pieces of $@$*?

2. charge them via a proper charger instead of a USB cable and mobile-phone-type adaptor?

I can't believe that they get away with selling these in this day and age. The people in the shop seemed to know that anyone who buys one wants to take it back the next day. Did you see on the Ts&Cs that they say that they don't consider reasonable ware and tare to be reasonable and that they won't accept machines with wear and tare under the two years warranty? They're a total disgrace.

Thank you in advance for your thoughts,



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It's a USB micro B, and you can find them on ebay or any electronic supply site or store.

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How hard is it to change out the USB Port on the asus transformer book t100?

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Here is the ebay link where you can get the port. Obviously, you need to be very careful taking this thing apart. But it is possible to replace only this port. It looks like quite a challenge to change the whole motherboard. There is a separate 5 or 6 pin connector for the battery that has very fragile solder joints. So use very little force if you're going to inspect those. I would recommend looking at them with a magnifyer rather than applying any amount of force. Also, when you replace the charging port, there are holes in the board for the physical mounts, but not "through hole" contacts. The contacts on the bottom of the port just sit on top of pads, so you need to make sure you have good contact with them. I suppose it's possible to solder them with the right equipment, but I could not. I hope this helps.


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