Mid-range desktop PC made by Dell. Model number 4600.

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Upgrading Hard Drive on a DELL

I'm helping a friend of mine replace her harddrive for a Dell she has at her business, her old drive crashed. I have succesfully replaced the drive, formatted, and installed Windows XP on the Dell. But now all the images on the display are HUGE, and im pretty sure this is because I have to re-install the drivers for her DELL. She cannot find her Install Disks and we cannot access the internet with her machine. So my question is: Can I download the necessary drivers with my Mac to a thumb drive and then install on her machine?

NOTE: I have used the thumb drive for Windows and Mac before.

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There shouldn't be any problem with saving the drivers straight to a thumb drive and installing them from there.

You can identify your laptop and download appropriate drivers here.

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Thanx Matt, I already located the drivers. Just wanted to make sure I could use my Mac to download them.


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Yes, that will work. I've done it before with the same system. Just grab the drivers from Matt's link.

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Thanx Josh


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Dell's website has a driver identification feature which will tell you which drivers need to be downloaded and updated. It's at Dell's website under the Support tab.

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