Why won't the Netgear WNDR3800 power button turn green?

It was working fine earlier this morning but, when I got home this afternoon the power button won't turn green or any of the parts. The power did go out while I wasn't here but everything else seems to be working fine. It will blink every so often and the power button would stay Orange. Also when I tried switching out the power switch with the Cisco switch it came on but I was not receiving any internet connection.

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you just need to setup the router for more steps http://goo.gl/d1EhUX


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Try resetting it o the factory settings. Usually when the led do not turn green and remains amber it means some issues. Depending on your knowledge you can troubleshoot ore fix it :)

some basic instruction Why are all LEDs flashing?


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Have you checked out the connection between your router and modem. make sure your modem is properly connected from internet port of the router to the modem.

after making the connection between router and modem. you need to reboot your netgear router. for more information you may visit at: netgaer router flashing orange

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