Solder DC in directly to the connector board of Bose Soundlink 1?


I bought a Sounddock 1 Series and the Power adapter is dead. Those Adapter are expansive, and rather buying one I have a DC with same voltage +18V with 1A.

However the bos has a 4 pins connector.

Which one is positive and which one is neutral?

I have no way to test it.

Does my DC is suitable for this?

I know Bose power supply is +/- 18V 1A

Please let me know if you can help!

Many thanks

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Is the diagram of the AC adapter plug or the Bose, socket input.



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Tony, the connector is a 4 prong Molex 5.5mm square Size 5.5 x 5.5 x 6.4 mm (each four pins are separated)

Pin1 = +ve 18vdc

Pin2 = -ve 18vdc

Pin3 = GND

Pin4 = GND

As for suitability of your adapter, it depends on what you have and what the outputs are. Use a multimeter and see what you get.

Block Image

Hope this helps, good luck

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That did help many thanks!

So the adapter shouldn't be used as only provide +18V right?

so +18Vm shouldn't do the job...?

power adaptor


That is correct. You will need to come up with -ve 18V as well as +ve You could use a DC-DC converter, but by the time you added the cost for that, it may be cheaper, and easier, to use an original Bose power brick.


For anyone looking for a replacement, looks to be a Molex Micro-Fit 3.0™ Receptacle Housing, they've even got a video and a range of overmolded cable assemblies!


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The image is for the removable conector or the fixed one on the sound dock?

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Hello I have quastion about connecting battery power supply instead wall power, will use Bosch core battery 18V 6.3A so what pins I need to connect battery + and - to work correctly, this pins on speaker using + and - and ground for each looks like but battery have no grounds


@pranjilovic on a battery ground refers to the - connector. You still need to get -18V so you will still need to come up with a dc-dc converter.


Is there any converter to do job from single 18V battery to dual power +& - 18v on the other side


Simple when using two 12V batteries. Just connect the + from one battery to the - of the other battery. Then the single + from the one battery is +12V, the joint point of + and - is O V and the single - from the other battery is -12V.


John Dardemann: You are implying connecting 2x12v batteries in series. The output will be 24volts. Bose Sounddock needs 18volts + and 18volts - and Negative Ground


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